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The Interactive House

Mouse over and click on a component of the house to be taken to videos and information on how to upgrade.

Interactive House Windows Doors Refrigerator Dishwasher Kitchen Stove Washing Machine Furnace Water Heater Crawlspace Foundation Foundation Outdoor Faucet - air leak source Windows Windows Fireplace Lighting Thermostat Attic Ventilation Electric Outlets Electric Outlets Chimney Ducts Air Leaks Caulking and Weatherstripping Insulation Air Leaks Dryer Vent Dryer Vent Dryer Electric Outlets Electric Outlets Ducts Electric Outlets Foundation Basement Basement Sink - Hot Water Shower - Hot Water Recessed Lights Ducts Insulation Attic Hatch Door Insulation Insulation Insulation Insulation Insulation Ventilation Attic Sealing Air Leaks Finding Air Leaks Sealing Air Leaks Ducts Ducts Vents Sink - Hot Water Appliances Ducts Vents Sealing Air Leaks Finding Air Leaks Lighting Ducts Windows Windows Air Conditioner Lighting Thermostat bathroom kitchen kitchen

Red arrows = heat loss locations; Blue arrows = cold entry locations.