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6 Easy Steps to Upgrading Your Home


Apply for a reduced or no-cost energy assessment

A home energy assessment identifies where your house is losing energy and makes recommendations for cost-effective improvements. Most households qualify for a no-cost assessment!

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Select a Contractor

You must use a participating Building Performance Institute (BPI) accredited contractor.

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Get assessment

During the assessment a Building Performance Institute (BPI) accredited energy efficiency contractor evaluates insulation levels and determines the efficiency of heating systems, household appliances and lighting.


Choose Your Improvements

Work with your contractor to select cost effective energy upgrades that match your budget or goals.


Get rebates and low-interest financing to pay for upgrades

Everyone qualifies for grants or low-interest loan programs to make energy improvements more affordable. Use our interactive financing guide to learn which programs you might qualify for.

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Get the work done

Get your work approved by NYSERDA, sign a contract with your contractor and schedule the work. Once the work is complete you sign the Certification of Completion and your final payment is due.

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Enjoy all the benefits of a more comfortable energy efficient home!